Exam blueprints

2019 CIMA Professional Qualification

In an industry first, we will provide you with examination blueprints which will take the mystery out of our examinations process and clearly articulate what will be assessed in your exams.

For the first time, under the updated 2019 CIMA Professional Qualification, CIMA is publishing examination blueprints based on the syllabus which set out in detail what is examinable in each of the nine Objective Tests and three Case Study examinations. The Blueprints will be published annually, and provide information about the format, structure and weightings of the assessments. 

The blueprints will only be applicable to exams scheduled under the 2019 Professional Qualification. Examinations under the updated Professional Qualification commenced on 4th November 2019.

Download the blueprints for Professional Qualification examinations in 2019 and 2020 

Operational level

Management level

Strategic level