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Latest news and updates

Building back better requires systemic shifts

The UK Government has put a strong emphasis on tackling short-term issues, but is yet to devise a long-term recovery strategy to tackle long-standing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic such as our faltering productivity and widening skills gap. This will likely prove detrimental for businesses, economies and societies in the long-term as we seek to recover from the COVID shock. Read more.

Double threat of COVID-19 and Brexit fails to encourage UK workers to upskill

Our 2020 Mind the Skills Gap research reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the UK’s employability skills gap enough to potentially hinder the country’s long-term recovery and ability to compete on the world stage. Read more

CIMA releases blueprint to drive post-COVID-19 economic recovery

CIMA has released a comprehensive plan Budgeting for recovery and a long-term economic future for the UK to support the country’s post-pandemic recovery, help pay back the cost of the pandemic, and build a more robust, reimagined economy. Read more.

Popular Resources

COVID-19: The perfect storm for digital acceleration

COVID-19 accelerated the need for businesses to embrace digitalisation. Here’s how three businesses did it. 

How to optimise your supply chains

The pandemic is revealing major business vulnerabilities. Ask yourself these questions to build more resilient, shockproof supply chains. Read more.

How to redefine and reimagine your business model

Focus on core activities through the lens of innovation. Adding value may require changes to business operations. Here’s how to move forward. Read more.

How to get your finances in order: Building for the future

To get your finances in order, establishing a firm foundation is only the beginning. Your next step is learning what questions to ask.

3 tools for bringing businesses out of lockdown

Even once the pandemic end there’s no going back to the way things were. Use these resources to prepare organisations for the new normal.

3 practices to successfully lead during difficult times

There are many ways to lead, and organisations and circumstances call for different approaches. Here are three practices to fine-tune your style.

Lead with mental health in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preventing the spread of coronavirus is crucial, but so is preserving the mental health and well-being of our team members. Follow these tips to help.

COVID-19: How to reopen and keep employees safe

As economies are reopening, businesses in Asia Pacific offer first lessons on how to keep employees safe.

4 positives and 4 negatives: What to expect from 2021

Uncertainty and challenges in the months ahead will provide finance with opportunities to show value and gain new experience. Read more.

Pandemic lessons for the next global crisis

Here are lessons from the coronavirus pandemic, compiled in a toolkit, for whatever challenges may lie ahead. Read more.

5 business strategies for success during the pandemic

Placing an emphasis on opportunities to innovate — instead of making blind, blanket budget cuts — can help organisations emerge stronger. Read more.

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Business Resilience: Tools for preparing to reopen businesses

Reallocating priorities, creating a response plan, mapping out scenarios – here’s all you need to consider before you reopen your business and the tools to help you do it.


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