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Tutor Resource Hub

We have all the resources you need.

Welcome to the Tutor Resource Hub, home to all the useful resources and information you need to plan courses which deliver results and keep students coming back to your institution.

The information in the Hub will help you to really understand our qualifications and answer the question “Why CIMA?” The Future of Finance content will explain how we have future proofed the profession and the Blueprints, syllabus support resources and question tutorials for the 2019 Professional Qualification will give you the practical tools you need to put course plans in place. You will also find links to key dates and the latest exam information, plus materials such as mini case studies to enhance the classroom experience for your students. 

New content will be added to the Hub as we begin to deliver the 2019 Professional Qualification so keep visiting this page to make sure you are not missing out.

Tutor Resource Hub

Essential Resources and Links

Learning Resources Catalogue 2020: everyting you need to get started teaching

2017 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Syllabus 

2019 CIMA Professional Qualification Syllabus

Competency Framework

Exam Blueprints – Operational level blueprint; Management level blueprint; Strategic level blueprint  

Transition Guides -These provide an overview of each exam under the 2019 Professional Qualification as well as identifying the key differences between the 2015 and 2019 syllabus.

Future of Finance website – for research behind 2019 CIMA Professional Qualification, tools and links to resources

Study Planner- student study resources, case study information, and more

CGMA microsite – lots of resources to support the syllabus, background to the 2019 PQ etc

Digital Mindset Pack – great for backing up teaching on new 2019 digital topics and free for CIMA members

FAQs on 2019 PQ – for students

Transition Planning tool for students

Kaplan Publishing for official CIMA study resources 

CIMA 2019 Professional Qualification - Syllabus Support and Teaching Resources

CIMA 2019 Professional Qualification - Case Study Webinar

Online Teaching - how to do it well. By Clancy Peiris, Senior Manager, CIMA

Syllabus resource for E1; Syllabus resource for E1 - revised 2022

Syllabus resource for E2; Syllabus resource for E2 - revised 2022

Syllabus resource for E3; Syllabus resource for E3 - revised 2022

Syllabus resource for P1: Syllabus resource for P1 - revised 2020

Syllabus resource for P2: Syllabus resource for P2 - revised 2021

Syllabus resource for P3: Syllabus resource for P3 - revised 2022 

Syllabus resources for F1

Syllabus resources for F2; Syllabus support resoucres for F2 - revised 2021

Syllabus resources for F3 Syllabus support resource for F3 - revised 2021

Syllabus resources OCS

Syllabus resources MCS

Syllabus resources SCS

Mini Case studies - We have produced a series of mini case studies which can be used in the classroom/as business games to help the development of softer skills and critical abilities in particular. Links to the cases and their solutions for 5 main games are as below. You can find additional games and information on how to use them here:

  1. MacKintosh Grant – case; solution
  2. YJ Oil and Gas – case; solution
  3. NHS trust – case; solution
  4. Zurich Noch – case; solution
  5. YJ Oil & Gas – case; solution

Examination Information and Documentation

Tables and formulae for 2019 exams

International accounting standards - this information is applicable to all F pillar and case study students can be found in the appendix of each of the exam blueprints or as a standalone document here.

Calculator guidance

Exam and question tutorials for all exams

Useful Articles

Blueprints – what they are and why they are going to transform exam preparation. 

CIMA Insider News – CIMA Registered Tuition Providers benefit from 4 issues of CIMA Insider News each year.