Registered Tuition Provider Excellence Awards

Celebrate your success! 

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop the Registered Tuition Provider scheme and enhancing the benefits of membership, we’re launching a new awards initiative this summer. 

The awards will offer opportunities for additional recognition and promotion of our RTPs, including those able to achieve better than average pass rates across three Case Study windows in 2021 (criteria apply). 

The two awards for 2021 are: 

  • Global Pass Rates Excellence Award 2021 — Providers achieving this award will receive a new dedicated “ Global Pass Rates Excellence” logo that can be displayed for a full year.
  • Student of the Year Award 2021 — A great opportunity for you to nominate an “outstanding” student and for us all to share in and celebrate their success.

Global Pass Rates Excellence Award

This award is open to all RTPs who meet the qualifying criteria. To offer a fair and statistically reliable recognition of excellent Case Study pass rates, the criteria for this award are outlined below.

**Note: All providers able to meet the criteria and achieve pass rates above the global average for 2021 will be recognised and provided with a certificate, logo and promotion of their achievement.   

We will contact all RTPs with information on how to apply shortly.


  • Institutions offering tuition for Case Study Exams in February 2021, May 2021 and August 2021. 
  • Minimum 20 students entered at each level of Case Study (Operational, Management and Stratgeic) at each of the three windows specified above; Please note “no shows” will not be counted 
  • Providers must commit to providing student data to CIMA in the format, and at the time, requested by us

Student of the Year Award

This award is open to all RTPs globally, and we encourage you all to think of students you feel are deserving of recognition for their achievements, commitment, advocacy for CIMA, success in challenging circumstances.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate and promote students’ successes, to showcase the many ways in which “outstanding” can be demonstrated. We’ll also recognise your role in (or simply pride in) their achievement. 

We have not set hard and fast criteria for this award because we understand that there are many reasons why you might wish to nominate. We have suggested some possible categories and examples of achievement under each of these categories below: 

Inspirational achievement in challenging circumstances:

A student who has overcome personal challenges e.g. accidents/ illnesses/disabilities; caring responsibilities; lack of access to support/technology/exam centres and so on; 

Outstanding Academic Achievement

A record of achievement which will inspire others e.g. speed of progression through the qualification; resilience after hitting a challenging subject; first time passes in all subjects; top marks in all Case Studies;  

CIMA Champion

A student who has been a powerful advocate for CIMA e.g. representing CIMA/their TP at careers events; advocating for CIMA in schools, universities; voluntary work eg as Treasurer of a community group; setting up peer to peer support or other networking opportunities for CIMA students. 

We will be inviting all Registered Tuition Porviders to nominate one exceptional student for the 2021 Awards for Excellence very soon...

If your institution is not currently a Registered Tuition Provider and would like to apply, email