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CGMA Academic Champions

The CGMA Academic Champions Program is a community of management accounting academics who receive resources and support through the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Champions have access to a rich array of customized exam materials, syllabus overviews, and student content, along with invitations to exclusive meetings and events that discuss new CIMA initiatives.

For 2021, the CGMA Global University and Academic Center of Excellence (COE) is expanding the CGMA Academic Champion program. The program launched in 2019 and engaged universities in South Africa, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Shortly after, the program was expanded to Poland in 2020.

A CGMA Academic Champion is someone who shares insights on academics' and students' aspiration within the accounting and finance profession. These insights will enable the COE to create highly sought-after classroom resources that will help both academics and students better understand management accounting topics and help showcase this exciting career path.

About this program

Benefits for educators

Gain access to global engagement opportunities 

As an Academic Champion benefit, we will create opportunities for you to share best practices in the classroom, lead discussions or be a speaker as a subject matter expert in academic webinars on a global arena.

For example, in 2019, we engaged with Professor Ts. Saravanan Muthaiyah (a CGMA Academic Champion) who conducted 7 case study analysis workshops across university campuses (hosted by CGMA Academic Champions) in Asia Pacific with specific focus on digital topics such as cybersecurity, data analytics and blockchain. Subsequent research collaboration and international speaking arrangements ensued amongst academics and universities as a result of these workshops.


Academic Champions are advocates of management accounting as a career and promotes the benefits of becoming a CGMA to their students. As a result of excellent classroom engagements, several Champions have received a CIMA Teaching Excellence Award in 2020:

For taking part in this program, the COE additionally offers faculty members a letter of recognition for assuming the role of an Academic Champion and various opportunities to be recognized, including the CIMA Academic Partner Excellence Awards.

Benefits for students through educators

Producing management accounting student advocates

To encourage students to consider a management accounting career, the COE offers a number of ways to help academics support students.

An idea suggested by CGMA Academic Champions in South Africa in 2019 established the CGMA Emerging Leaders Competition, that showcased the role of a management accountant using past CIMA case study exam materials. Due to the success of this project, the COE partnered with Champions from Poland last year to offer a similar student competition in Europe.

In addition, Academic Champions enjoy exclusive events organized with CIMA local offices such as the CIMA Business Games, employer visits, marathons and others. Business game sessions include classroom materials that give students a taster of what it is to be a management accountant within a variety of business roles and scenarios. In addition, these game sessions have a strong focus on employability, and encourages students to develop their soft skills; working within teams to develop their communication and presentation skills, by participating in practical tasks.

Expectations of Champions

Creating a CIMA culture on campus

Besides being recognized as the point of contact on campus for students' queries about CIMA, Academic Champions foster a "CIMA Culture" through a series of engagement activities between students and accounting professionals.

For example, Seyram Kawor, ACMA CGMA (an Academic Champion from the University of Cape Coast Ghana) organized a CIMA Business Game session which attracted 400 over student participants and 50 students had the opportunity to attend a week long digital skills session in partnership with CIMA where accountants from industry took the students through a practical software training in accounting. The university subsequently received a CIMA Campus Culture Excellence Award in 2020 as a result of the Champion’s initiatives.

If you would like to be part of this community, click here:

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If you are interested to find out more, please contact your local CIMA office or the Center of Excellence (COE).

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List of Champions

Find out who were our CGMA Academic Champions in 2020.


University of Ghana Business School

  • Samuel Simpson (Head of Department) (connect on LinkedIn)

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST Kumasi)

  •  Godfred Aawaar (Lecturer, Dept Accounting and Finance) (connect on LinkedIn)

University of Cape Coast*

  • Seyram Kawor, ACMA CGMA (Lecturer) (connect on LinkedIn)

CIMA Excellence Award Winner 2020 (view)


Universitas Airlangga

  • Harymawan Iman (Head of Undergraduate Program in Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

Universitas Indonesia

  • Ancella Hermawan (Head of Accounting Department) (connect on LinkedIn)

University of Padjadjaran

  • Sofik Handoyo (Senior Accounting Lecturer) (connect on LinkedIn)


Christ University, Bangalore*

  • Biju Toms (Head, Professional Studies) (connect on LinkedIn)

St Joseph College*

  • Nischitha K (Professional Program Coordinator) (connect)

Sri Sri University*

  • Suresh Kumar Sahoo (Associate Professor in Finance) (connect on LinkedIn)

GLA University*

  • Somesh Dhamija (Professor and Head of Department) (connect on LinkedIn)

Shri Ram College of Commerce

  • CS Sharma (Associate Professor) (connect on LinkedIn)

 Rajagiri College                      

  • Sanjeev Singh (Head of Department) (connect on LinkedIn)

Kristu Jayanti College

  • Edward Aloysius (Dean & Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Management) (connect on LinkedIn)

CIMA Excellence Award Winner 2020 (view)


Tunku Abdul Rahman University College*

  • Tey Liang @ Tee Liang (Senior Lecturer) (connect on LinkedIn)

University Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)

  • Syeliya Md Zaini (Head of Section, Postgraduate And Senior Lecturer) (connect)

Multimedia University*

  • Prof Saravanan Muthaiyah (Professor, Faculty of Management) (connect on LinkedIn)

Asia Pacific University (APU)

  • Geetha A Rubasundram (Senior Lecturer and Chairperson – CPTAF - note that Geetha is no longer lecturing in APU since December 2020) (connect on LinkedIn)

 Monash University Malaysia*                                   

  • Puspavathy Rassiah, ACMA CGMA (Lecturer) (connect on LinkedIn)

CIMA Excellence Award Winner 2020 (view)


Babcock University

  • Prof Rufus Akintoye (Head of Deparment of Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

Covenant University

  • Prof Uwuigbe Uwalomwa, ACMA CGMA (Professor, Department of Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

American University of Nigeria

  • Samuel N. Akanno (Assistant Professor of Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)


University of Economics in Katowice*

  • Aleksandra Ferens (CIMA Coordinator) (connect)

Warsaw School of Economics*

  • Magdalena Giedroyć (Head of the Managerial Accounting Unit​) (connect)

University of Economics in Wroclaw

  • Bartłomiej Nita (Vice-Rector for Finance and Development) (connect on LinkedIn)

 Cracow University of Economics*

  • Bogusław Wacławik (connect on LinkedIn)

Poznan University of Economics and Business

  • Remigiusz Napiecek (Head of Department of Management Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

CIMA Excellence Award Winner 2020 (view)

South Africa

North-West University (NWU)*

  • Ian Short (Lecturer, Management Accounting and Financial Management) (connect on LinkedIn)
  • Sanlie Middelberg, FCMA CGMA (Associate Professor: CIMA programme, North-West University) (connect on LinkedIn)                                

University of South Africa (UNISA)*

  • Theresa Askham, ACMA CGMA (Senior Lecturer in Management Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

 University of KwaZulu-Natal*                            

  • Patricia Shewell, ACMA CGMA (Lecturer, Academic Leader for Managerial Accounting and Finance) (connect on LinkedIn)

IIE MSA (previously Monash South Africa)*

  • Magda Odendaal (Senior Lecturer & Programme leader: CIMA and Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and Accounting) (connect on LinkedIn)

Stellenbosch University*

  • Roelof Baard (Senior Lecturer Accounting, School of Accounting) (connect)

University of Johannesburg (UJ)*

  • Kevin Thomas, ACMA CGMA (Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance and Investment Management) (connect)

University of Pretoria (UP)*

  • Elize Kirsten (Lecturer & Coordinator: BCom Hons Financial Management) (connect on LinkedIn)

CIMA Excellence Award Winner 2020 (view)


Stamford University

  • Keertiman Sharma, ACMA CGMA (Head of Accounting Program) (connect)