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University Partnership

A partnership with CIMA means that together, we are able to connect the dots between the CIMA Professional Qualification and graduate employability. At CIMA,  we can provide students with testimonials about careers as finance professionals and support them through their journey from university students to employment. Together, our partnership will strengthen students' aspirations and in turn, meet the needs of the university such as improved students satisfaction and graduate employment numbers.

Applying for accreditation

We welcome applications from all higher education institutions who are providing tertiary level education. All we require is that the programme is recognised at the same level as a UK undergraduate or postgraduate degree. We usually refer to UK NARIC to confirm this. 

Our approach to the accreditation process is simple and straight-forward. We now offer consistent entry points that have proven to yield the best student success in CIMA exams. Entry points will depend on the field of study in a degree especially finance, accounting and business. 

To do that, we have harnessed a quantitative and qualitative data-driven approach to encourage and safeguard student success in completing the CIMA Professional Qualification. We anticipate that higher education institutions are updating their syllabus (as CIMA constantly does) to ensure that students and graduates have the right skills in an increasingly digital world where rapid changes in technology are creating challenges for the business models of organisations.  

All accredited programmes are listed in our Exemptions search pages.

Students' success is our priority

Consistent entry points will provide the following benefits to students:

  • Focus on student outcome. 
  • Improve pass rates and progression.
  • Increased confidence towards professional exams.
  • Enables us to offer more focused study support into one entry point.

Partner with us today:

  • If you are seeking accreditation of a programme that have never been accredited by CIMA, please look through our guidance and self-certification form.


  • Current accredited programmes are encouraged to transition to the new entry points by September 2020 in order to achieve the best possible results for student progression. To do this, complete the guidance and self-certification form above. 


Contact your local CIMA office or the Center of Excellence (COE) for global university and academic engagement.

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