Update 20 November 2020- Remember - for CIMA online exams, your exam conditions start as soon as you are met by the greeter who will check your ID. At this point you must not leave the webcam view. England test centres remain closed until Wednesday 2 December 2020 (for exams booked with a training provider, please contact your training provider for information). Remote online exams are available. Find more information here:

Become an Exam Marker

What do markers do? 

A CIMA script marker usually marks at each of CIMA's exam sessions.

After the exam, markers receive the question paper and marking scheme. A compulsory meeting of all markers is held within a week of the exam. The aim is to ensure consistency across markers. Markers then have up to four weeks to mark their script allocation.

Who can be a marker?

Markers are normally expected to meet the following criteria:


  • First degree (at least second class).
  • At least two years' prior experience in higher education and/or professional body of marking and setting or evaluating assessments.
  • Relevant teaching or practitioner/consultancy experience (for the subject matter of the paper applied for). You should be currently lecturing/teaching or engaged in consultancy/practice, or have very recently retired.
  • Professional updating in area of specialism.
  • Demonstration of being up to date in educational and subject issues, and assessment methodology.


  • Demonstration of being up to date in educational and subject issues, and assessment methodology.
  • Employed as external examiner to a recognised programme/institution.
  • Other professional body faculty experience.

How do I apply?

Email us your CV and a brief covering note detailing which scripts you are interested in marking.

When your application is received, your details will be held for two years in case a suitable vacancy becomes available. After this time, or if you feel your experience has changed since your application, you can apply again.

If you are shortlisted for an upcoming examination, we will ask you to mark three sample scripts.

Apply now

IT requirements

You will need a minimum specification on your home PC, described in our marker IT capability guide (PDF 14KB).

Download PDF