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Work With CIMA

Join the CIMA Registered Tuition Provider Scheme

As a CIMA Registered Tuition Provider, you will enhance the profile of your college and attract students who are keen to study the world’s most relevant qualifications for a career in business and finance.

  • Registered Tuition Provider Scheme

    Offer your students a world renowned qualification and join us as a member of the CIMA Registered Tuition Provider Scheme. Your college will benefit from a higher profile and a set of valuable benefits helping you attract both students and staff. Your relationship with CIMA will give students confidence that in studying with you, they are making the right career choice and giving themselves the best chance of success in the exams.

  • Why teach CIMA?

    We promote the benefits of structured study using a CIMA Registered Tuition Provider widely through a range of online and offline media channels, ensuring that colleges and tuition providers who work with us are the first choice for thousands of students and their employers.

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  • University partnership

    We welcome accreditation applications from all colleges and universities who are providing tertiary level education, for programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Apprenticeships for England

CIMA offers an apprenticeship programme (in England only) at Level 4 (Professional Accounting / Tax Technician) and Level 7 (Professional Accountant), as well as End-Point Assessment. Working closely with training providers ensures apprentices and employers receive the best end to end customer experience. Successful completion of the Level 7 apprenticeship, along with the required work experience, includes the opportunity for apprentices to apply for CIMA membership, with no cost.

Find out more about the programmes, process and End-point Assessment and access the handbooks and resources.

CIMA introduces remote testing from home

CIMA is introducing remote testing from home for case study exams and objective tests from May 2020.

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Why you should join the CIMA Registered Tuition Provider scheme

  • An effective learning channel that delivers learning when, where and how they want it
  • To feel confident their investment in their leaning and future careers is money well spent
  • Flexibility to study and take exams at their own pace around their work/life style
  • To pass the exams and progress quickly through the qualification and in their careers
  • To feel part of a community of adult-learners and to be able to seek advice, ask questions etc
  • A range of tuition options to meet their students’ preferences and employer’s business needs
  • To feel confident that their investment in their students’ learning is money well spent
  • Flexibility over when, where and how students sit the exams so that they can manage studies around business needs
  • For their students to pass the exams, progress through the qualification and bring the skills acquired back into the workplace
  • Their students feel supported and have someone to ask for help when they are struggling
  • Access to a range of tuition options which can be matched to student and employer needs and preferences
  • A working relationship with CIMA which ensures tuition providers are kept up to date, meaning students and employers can feel confident about the investment in their studies
  • Research shows that students who follow formal tuition programmes do better than those who study alone
  • A supportive environment for learners  As they will have access to tutors and peer support

Developing with CIMA

The all new CIMA Registered Tuition Provider Scheme delivers great benefits for all stakeholders; tuition providers themselves plus employers, students and, of course, The Association. This is a very simple and straightforward scheme which is accessible to a wide range of tuition providers, enabling us to build and expand the study options available to CIMA students and their employers worldwide.

The CIMA CertBA and CIMA Professional Qualification deliver the very best in accountancy education which, in conjunction with the training offered by our accredited employers and Registered Tuition Providers, offers leading edge, future-proofed careers. We encourage all tuition providers to join with us in the Registered Tuition Provider scheme; it will raise your profile, align you more closely with the CIMA Brand, helping you to attract tutors and students and, importantly, retain them as they progress through their CIMA qualifications.

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Join the CIMA Registered Tuition Provider Scheme

To apply to join the Registered Tuition Provider scheme click “Find Out More” below or contact your local CIMA office

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