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Ready or not?

You've been studying for weeks, you've practised exam style questions and you feel that you have a decent understanding of the why do you still have a niggling feeling that you aren't quite ready to take your assessment?

Most people get anxious about exams and, as panic sets in, your thoughts can become negative until you have talked yourself into the idea that you don't know enough and you are going to fail.

To help you determine if you are assessment ready, consider these points:

  • Have you kept to your study plan and covered all syllabus topics?
  • Have you done some exam style questions and were you happy with your performance?
  • Are there some syllabus areas that you are unsure of? What can you do to be more confident in these areas? Maybe you could try and explain the topic to somebody else - if you are able to do this then it shows that you do have an understanding and will make you realise that you know more than you think! If you can't do it then you know that some more study around these areas would be useful

Although you do need to have a thorough understanding of the whole syllabus you also need to be realistic and consider that:

  • You may not feel 100% confident about everything and you will always be stronger in some areas than others
  • Your goal is to pass the exam - not to get the best ever score
  • Most students who have passed a CIMA exam would say that they didn't feel 100% ready
  • Would delaying your assessment and doing more study make a big difference to your result?

Sticking to your study plan and taking your assessment as soon as you have completed it means that the material will be fresh in your mind - so once you get to a point where you think you could take the assessment then go for it!

Now back to that question at the start - do you still have a niggling feeling that you aren't quite ready to take your assessment?

Good luck!