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Preparing for Case Study exams: What's important about the pre-seen material?

The pre-seen material is background information about the fictitious organisation that will feature in the Case Study exam. The pre-seen begins to tell you the story of the organisation, the context in which it operates, markets, competitors and so on. It will form the basis of the tasks that a candidate can expect during the exams.

It’s essential to be very familiar with the pre-seen material before you sit your Case Study exam. Students who pass the Case Study exam make sure they know it really well.

You will need to remember information from it, so that you don’t spend time during the exam referring back to it often, when you could be spending more time writing your answers.

The pre-seen material is made available 6 weeks before the exam window and you can find it in the Study Planner in the case study exam window.

Case Study resources

What resources help me with the pre-seen?

A series of articles have been produced to help you with the pre-seen material:

Good luck with your case study exam preparations!