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Getting ready for your Objective Test re-sit

You haven’t got the score you hoped for in your objective test exam – so what do you do next? Have a look at your performance feedback in your MYCIMA account.

Your confirmed results plus your scaled score and performance against each syllabus section will be published in your MY CIMA account within 48 hours of sitting your objective test exam.

This feedback will give you an indication of whether you were ‘proficient’ or ‘not proficient’ in each syllabus area.

For the areas where you were ‘not proficient’, go back to the syllabus and your study tools and make sure that you have no gaps in your knowledge. Be honest with yourself and identify any weak areas then concentrate on getting a thorough understanding of the content.

Remember to also revise the syllabus areas that you were ‘proficient’ in. The questions in your re-sit exam may test your knowledge from these areas using different questions and difficulty levels so you need to be confident with all of the syllabus content.

Read a full explanation about the objective test results and scaled scores.

Think about your result.

Your re-sit exam is not a ‘top up’ exam – you will sit a different exam with different questions.

Your result and performance feedback can help you decide when it will be appropriate to take your re-sit exam.

Did you marginally fail by 1 or 2 marks or was your result much lower than the pass mark?

If your result was a marginal fail then you should feel confident that with a little more preparation – particularly focusing on your weaker syllabus areas and your exam technique – you will be able to pass next time around.

Don’t wait too long before you take your re-sit exam – you don’t want to forget all of the knowledge that you already have.  Aim to re-sit your exam within one month.

If your result was considerably lower than the pass mark then it may be useful to consider:

1. Your study method – did you self study or follow an online or taught course? Would a different study method help you focus and understand the syllabus content better?

2. Your study plan – did you create a realistic study plan when preparing for your assessment? Did you stick to your study plan?

3. Your question practice – did you attempt exam style questions before your assessment? Did you do some under timed exam conditions?

You do need to be well prepared to pass your objective test assessment. Before you re-sit the exam make sure you are confident in all syllabus areas and have practiced exam style questions.

Get your exam technique right

Good exam technique can be the difference between a pass and a fail. 

You should go into your objective test assessment with a plan for how you will approach the questions.

As a guide you can spend 90 seconds on each question but there will be questions which require more time and some which require less time. Get familiar with the different styles of questions and have a strategy for how you will approach your assessment.

Make sure that you watch our video on managing your time in the objective test exam and improving your exam technique.

Think positively!

If you are well prepared then you can pass your objective test assessment.  Have a look at the pass rates for the assessments and be encouraged by how well students are performing.

Useful resources to help you prepare for your re-sit exam

Study and exam guides for each OT subject

Our video with guidance on time management in the objective test assessments

You can purchase Kaplan Official CIMA Study Texts, Revision Cards and Exam Practice Kits

You can purchase CIMA Aptitude ONE and TWO – online question banks which simulate the real exam