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Exam Techniques

  • The perils of "practice questions

    For many years, I have encouraged CIMA students to “practice, practice, practice” in order to secure a good result in their examinations. More recently I have found myself advising caution about too much question practice…

  • Ready or not?

    You've been studying for weeks, you've practised exam style questions and you feel that you have a decent understanding of the why do you still have a niggling feeling that you aren't quite ready to take your assessment?

  • Passing your Objective Test exam

    If you feel that you need some direction when it comes to preparing for, and passing, your objective test exam, have a look at our ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and get yourself on track.

  • Getting ready for your Objective Test re-sit

    You haven’t got the score you hoped for in your objective test exam – so what do you do next? Have a look at your performance feedback in your MYCIMA account.

  • Time management in your Objective Test exams

    This article aims to provide guidance on how best to use your time in the Objective Test (OT) examinations. It will be useful to view any of the OT Practice Exams, when considering the content of this article.


  • Improving your chances of exam success – what the data tells us

    Following a joint research project between Kaplan and CIMA, we’ve gathered evidence that highlights key factors behind exam success.

  • Examiners Blog - Operational Case Study

    Examiners blog from November 2018 Operational Case Study

  • Learn smarter and pass faster

    Leading accountancy training provider, Kaplan UK, give an overview of the latest findings, revealing what you can do to learn smarter and pass faster.

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