Case Studies

Pre-seen material and most popular resources for the Professional level Case Study exams.

Personas and roles & responsibilities in the Case Study exams 

The case study examination is a simulated business role play. Therefore, understanding your persona and role in the case study exam can really help you produce a good answer at the right level for your audience.

Operational personas Management / Gateway personas Strategic personas

Understanding your Case Study exam results

This guide will help you understand the case study marking process and help you make sense of your overall mark and competency grades.

Operational results Management results
Gateway results Strategic results

Exam scripts 

Read through a real student script from the February 2016 case study exam; the answer has been transcribed, anonymised and annotated with observations on strong performance and some areas where performance could be improved upon.

OCS exam script MCS / Gateway exam script SCS exam script

Case Study articles

Read these four articles by David Harris, FCMA, CGMA and lecturer specialising in the Case Study Exams.

How to analyse the pre-seen material Answer planning
Developing your answer Ethics in the CS exams

Other Case Study resources

How to use the pre-seen material Integrated answers in the CS exams