August 2018 Case Study

Pre-seen material and most popular resources for the August 2018 Case Study exams

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Pre-seen material

Operational Case Study August 2018

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Management Case Study August 2018

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Strategic Case Study August 2018

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Grade descriptors 

For each level of the case study exam we have developed a set of grade descriptors to help you understand your case study exam results feedback across the four competencies (Technical, Business, People and Leadership skills) and Integration.

The grade descriptors show you what you should be aiming for and will help you identify why your performance may not have met the general standard required for a particular competency. They are based on the skills and/or abilities expected for different roles.

Operational grade descriptors Management/Gateway grade descriptors Strategic grade descriptors

If you want to know more about how grade descriptors can help you read this article.

Case Study Self Checklists

Use these handy self-check lists to assess your readiness, and pay careful attention to the advice and pointers throughout.

Operational Case Study Exam Management Case Study Exam
Gateway Case Study Exam Strategic Case Study Exam

SWOT analysis

Whether you are sitting your case study exam for the first time or re-sitting, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis can really help you to focus on where you can improve your chances of success and provide some ideas of how you might do that.

Operational SWOT analysis Management & Gateway SWOT analysis
Strategic SWOT analysis

Calculator guidance - what can be taken into exams

We have recently updated the calculator guidance (dated 3 July 2018) and no other list or guidance which pre-dates this should be used. All Pearson Vue centres have been notified of this update and have been issued with the latest list of acceptable calculators.

Read the guidance

ALL non programmable calculators will be allowed into the exam. These include the Casio FX-83GT Plus and the Casio FX-85GT Plus, which should be accepted by all Pearson Vue exam centres. They are not on the list because we cannot include every single non programmable calculator on the market; those listed in the tables are just examples.

Calculators which are not allowed are those which are fully programmable and have graphing/graphic display properties. An on screen calculator will always be available in the exam.