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FAQs – CIMA Class of ’23 – Case Study exams (Spring)

I’ve missed the start of the programme –will it still be of benefit?

When you are sent the Study Guide feel free to attend or read any learning resource you feel would be helpful. The programme will benefit any student current studying towards their Case Study exams.

Do I have to cover/attend everything to receive my e-certificate of completion?

No, the Study Guide can be used flexibly. Dip in and out – use what you wish. Do not feel you have to attend, watch or read every learning support article.

I’ve started studying already – how does this fit in with the Class of ’23 programme?

The Study Guide simply provides guidance to aid ‘onboarding, studying, revising, and the actual examination’, so if you have already completed your learning, you may find the final 4 weeks of the Study Guide more useful, which covers exam day planning and guidance. Dip in and out and watch/read any resource you wish, whenever you want to.

How exactly will this help me to pass the CIMA exams?

We have collated videos, animations and PDF learning support guidance specific to passing CIMA exams. These aids have then been structured so you receive the right learning aid at the appropriate point in your study journey. In other words, e.g., providing you with tips and guidance on (say) exam day procedures and exam technique strategies as your examination day is approaching.  

I’d like to join the cohort but don’t feel comfortable booking an exam just yet?

Feel free to join the cohort and use the Study Guide and study and exam support resources that may help you gather confidence to book your exam. Therefore, you would still be most welcome to participate in the Class of ‘23. However, booking an exam displays, you have an end goal in mind. If you take the May 2023 exam and fail, you will be eligible for a free exam resit credit for the August 2023 exams. Further, you will receive a Certificate of Completion if you pass your Case Study exam in either May or August 2023 exam sitting.

Can I get technical help, as I don’t understand the learning material?

This programme is aimed at providing study and exam technique learning support. It’s not designed to replace the work of the tuition providers whose role is to answer technical queries If you’d like technical help, then please do visit our tuition provider directory for details.

Do I need to purchase anything to do the programme, such as books?

No, everything you need will be included in the Study Guide which you will receive at the beginning of the programme. However, please note that this programme is NOT designed to replace tuition or the work of the tuition providers. Instead, Class of ’23 aims to make your study more effective and maximize your exam marks through careful planning and exam preparation. Therefore, you are advised to follow a structured course or arrange to buy course materials from one of the Registered CIMA Tuition Providers should you wish to acquire the underpinning syllabus knowledge required to pass CIMA examinations.

Why isn’t this available at the Certificate level?

To make the size of the cohort manageable, we are required to restrict numbers. We do however envisage a cohorts in the second half of 2023 that will be aimed at Certificate level candidates.

I’d like to participate but don’t feel comfortable being part of a cohort?

There is no requirement to interact with the CIMA academics or participate in the peer-to-peer networking using our dedicated Facebook pages. Think of the programme as an additional support resource you can use, as little or as much as you like. However, if you wish to join the dedicated Facebook group, use this link. 

Tuition provision is expensive, will this programme provide me with all the skills to pass the CIMA examination?

No, this programme does NOT provide you with the fundamental knowledge base to pass CIMA exanimations. The tuition providers perform this service and have a range of study options for all budgets. This programme supplements their work by providing additional guidance on how to study/revise and coping with exam day pressures.

Can I get 1-2-1 guidance and mentoring in this programme?

Please reach out to our learning support team who specialise in 1-2-1 guidance

If I don’t have a Facebook account, how will I get updates?

All candidates registered in the Class of ’23 will receive a weekly wrap-up email on Fridays, with a list of Q&As that have been posted by candidates in the Facebook groups.

How much time will it take to complete?

It’s a 12-week programme of learning and exam preparation support built on the principles of cohorting. You may have already started your studying towards a CIMA exam or may require a little longer to assimilate the knowledge. Either way, you may follow the Study Guide comprehensively and if so, it would take approximately 60 hours to complete. Alternatively, you may simply dip in and choose the support you need at a time that's more appropriate for you.

If I have to re-schedule my exam, will I still be entitled to the free re-sit?

You may reschedule your Case Study exam booked for May 2023, but it must be sat during the August 2023 exam window for you to be entitled for the free re-sit exam.

How long is the free exam re-sit valid for?

Free exam re-sit will be valid until 31 August 2023.

Is there a limit to the number of free exam re-sits?

Candidates are eligible for one free exam re-sit. The credit is not transferable for other subjects or to other candidates.

If I schedule an exam and then have to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances will I still be entitled to the Certificate of Completion?

No. The Certificate of Completion will be issued only for those who registers with the Class of ’23 and book and pass an exam either in May or August 2023 exam windows.

What if I still fail my exam at the end of the programme, what support and guidance will be provided to help me pass the re-sit?

If you fail the May 2023 exam, we will continue to support you within Class of ’23 for the August 2023 exams. We will provide you with the contact details of our exam progression support coaches for further support and guidance.

When will the next programme be held or is this a one-off event?

Class of ’23 Autumn programme will be commenced to support November 2023 and February 2024 Case Study exams.

If I don’t complete the programme can I join the next one?

Yes, you can join the Autumn Class of ’23 and we’ll contact you with the Registration Page web link.

Is the material provided in this programme new and will there be new material covered in future programmes or will it be the same?

The learning resources presently in the CGMA Study Hub are organised into a Study Guide for you to access over 12 weeks. We continue to produce new learning resources to support our candidates and the Study Guide of future programmes will be reviewed to include new learning resources.

How will I know if my peers are giving out the right information in relation to any exam queries that I post in the facebook group?

Peer learning provides you with opportunities to teach and be taught by one another, expanding your perspectives, and fostering meaningful connections. The peer-to-peer collaborations in the Facebook groups are monitored by the administrators and Study Support Team staff.  

Is there a limit to the number of programmes that I can attend?

You can attend the programme for which you have registered. For instance, if you are a Management level Case Study exam student, you will receive the Study Guide with resources applicable for your exam and the link to join the Class of ’23 dedicated Facebook group.  

If I leave the programme part way through, can I still get access to the material for the rest of the programme?

When you register with the Class of ’23, you will receive a Study Guide with embedded links of learning resources in the CGMA Study Hub. You may use this Study Guide to access these leaning resources at any time and continue to participate in the dedicated Facebook group.