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Thousands of companies around the world choose CGMAs and train their finance staff with CIMA. Some employers offer benefits to CIMA students, such as paid study leave, help with fees and covering tuition costs. Find an employer who will support you while you study and help you gain valuable workplace experience. 

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CGMAs are in demand

Skilled management accountants are always in high demand in our business and growing our own future talent through the apprenticeship forms an important plank in our overall talent strategy.

James Grigor, Director of Internal Audit at BT Read more

Developing the right skills

The CIMA qualification has supported the exact skill set required to give us market advantage.

Sivarama Krishnan, Partner, Risk Advisory Services at PwC India Read more

Meeting employer needs

As an organization, our perspective is that CIMA has the right balance of professional knowledge and understanding when it comes to interpreting what the numbers mean and what you can do with them.

Mark Petersen, Cost Accountant at GlaxoSmithKline Read more

Adding value

If I look to hire, CIMA is hugely valuable. You need to have very strong technical skills. Forging deeper relationships becomes critical since customers view us as their advisors - this is where finance can really add value for our customers.

Jon Rhymes, EMEA service business development finance director at Dell Read more

The more you learn the more you earn

Average salaries of students in the UK increase as they progress

Operational (GBP £30,460) > Management (GBP £32,540) > Strategic (GBP £40,155)

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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Pay rises expected

97% of CIMA students expect a pay increase over the next 12 months. The average increase is around 9% of existing salary.

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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CGMAs earn well

More than half (57%) of all CGMAs are satisfied with their current salary. Meanwhile, only 35% of CIMA students are satisfied with their current salary.

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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CIMA students are focused on developing their careers

91% of CIMA students plan to learn new skills over the coming 12 months to enhance the possibility of career progression. The main skills they are interested in learning include accounting information systems, business planning and strategy.

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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CIMA enables a mobile career

Nearly half of members (49%) and more than half of students (56%) are planning to find a new job within the next two years.

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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Moving abroad is on the agenda

8% of members and 15% of students who are planning to find a new jobs, plan to move abroad for work. The main reason for a change of scenery is improved quality of life, and the most popular destinations for relocation are the USA, Australia and Ireland.

Source: 2016 CIMA Salary Insights survey

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