Test centres update

Test centre delivery is available at Pearson Vue-owned and operated Professional Centres (PPCs) in many countries, including the UK.

Since May 2020 many students have been able to keep progressing through their CIMA qualification during lockdown using online CIMA exams. Now that lockdown is easing in many countries you have more choice for taking your exams.

We will continue to offer online CIMA exams and in many countries you can now schedule at test centres. For more information on the exams in your country please click here. Exams are identical at either test centres or as online exams, the only difference is their delivery method.  All exams can be scheduled via your My CIMA account.

Test centre exams have some new health and safety requirements to ensure everyone is kept safe. This means that the capacity at most test centres has been reduced to comply with social distancing requirements, please see details here.

If you already have an online test booked but would like to change to a test centre. Then you will need to cancel your online exam and rebook a test centre exam.

For more information on online and test centre exams check out our FAQs. If you need to contact us we would recommend you use our Live Chat function.

How to make your decision?

Consider an online exam if:

  • You have a constantly stable and high-speed internet connection
  • You have passed the system test using the equipment you plan to sit the exam with
  • You are able to sit for the duration of the exam without leaving the room
  • You have a quiet walled space to sit your exam with a closed door
  • You have access to a computer that does not have firewall or VPN restriction. 

Choose a test centre if: 

  • Your equipment fails the system test
  • You have had a previously unsuccessful attempt at taking an online exam
  • The quality of your internet connectivity is not always reliable
  • It is difficult to find a time and a quiet space
  • There are other people in your household using the internet at the time you need to sit your exam, or you have experienced drop out in online meetings etc
  • You have any special accommodation requirements, as you will be able to book over the phone and have all requirements met. 

Should I sit my case study exam online?

Many students have had a successful experience sitting their case study exams online. However, due to the less controlled environment of the online setting and the need for a continuous and regular internet connection, there were a small minority of students who had a disrupted exam experience.

Test centres offer a reliable, controlled environment in which to take a test. Where possible, if you feel comfortable travelling to a test centre and feel at ease with the safety and hygiene procedures that have been made available in test centres as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that you take your case study in a test centre.

For more information on the measures that have been put in place please click here.

Can I change my exam from an online to a test centre exam?

To change from an online test to a test centre based test (and vice versa) you will need to  cancel your existing exam via your My CIMA account and receive a full refund. You will then be able to schedule your new exam on your preferred platform.

If your exam payment was processed through Pearson VUE, you will receive a full refund, regardless of cancellation window. Candidates who have scheduled using a credit through CIMA will have the credit transferred. 

Please note: To ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance if your exam was scheduled more than 90 days prior you will need to contact Pearson VUE directly to receive your refund.