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Special accommodations

CIMA welcomes entries from students with disabilities or special requirements and is able to provide additional help or concessions, such as extra exam time, as appropriate to individual needs.

CIMA, through Pearson VUE, will provide the reasonable accommodations/adjustments that have been shown to be necessary for the candidate to undertake the test.  The costs of these reasonable accommodations/adjustments to the test will not be borne by the candidate. 

Students can bring a number of comfort aids such as medicines to examinations without prior approval.  

  • Test-centre based exams - A full list of permitted items can be found online
  • Remote OnVUE exams - This is more limited, please contact us for details. 

How do I apply?

Students can apply for reasonable adjustments at any time and are advised to do so in advance of booking your first exam.  Applications will be processed within 7 working days of receipt of supporting documentation. When scheduling an exam please allow sufficient time between the time of the booking and the exam appointment to ensure that the test centre can prepare for the delivery of your exam.

If you have a special requirement, please notify the CIMA’s Exam Operations Team, in writing, of your requirements by sending a covering letter and supporting medical documentation from a professional.  You can submit this documentation by e-mailing

What information do I need to send?

Supporting medical information, which is the sole responsibility of the candidate to provide, must: be on the physician’s or other qualified healthcare professional’s letterhead, typed, dated and signed by the physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

The written documentation supporting the accommodation you are requesting must include the following:

  •  A specific diagnosis and date of your diagnosis
  • Specific and current findings that support your diagnosis (relevant medical history, tests administered, date of the most current evaluation, within the last three (3) years).
  • Specific recommendations for your testing accommodation(s) including a detailed explanation of why the accommodation is needed.  If the accommodation includes extra time, please indicate the amount of time requested.
  • Evidence that similar accommodations have been made for the candidate in other educational or testing situations or in employment settings, or an explanation of why no such accommodation was made in the past but is now required.

If appropriate, approved reasonable adjustments will remain in force for the duration of your studies with CIMA.  Thus you only need to apply once, not for every exam that you book.  

All information submitted will be treated as confidential.  Only the administrators responsible for the processing of the application will have access to your medical information.  

Students with approved reasonable adjustments will need to book their exams by phone with CIMA to ensure that your chosen exam centre will be prepared for your exam appointment on the day of the exam.  Full details of how to do this will be provided once your application has been successfully completed.

Important Note:

  • Additional information may be requested after a review of your information.  Accommodations which fundamentally alter the nature or security or validity of the assessment will not be granted.
  • Students who have pre-approved reasonable adjustments, will NOT be automatically eligible for special consideration after taking an exam. Students experiencing additional difficulties, in addition to their previously approved special consideration arrangements, are required to submit a separate special consideration application. Further guidance on how to apply for special consideration can be found here special consideration policy