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Cohort - FAQs


I’ve missed the start of the programme – can I still join; will it still be of benefit?

Registration has now closed, add your name to the waiting list for 2022. 

Do I have to cover/attend everything to receive my e-certificate of completion?

No, the study guide can be used flexibly. Dip in and out – use what you wish. Do not feel you have to attend, watch or read every learning support article.

I’ve started studying already – how does this fit in with the cohort?

The study calendar simply provides guidance to aid ‘onboarding, studying, revising, and the actual examination’, so if you have already completed your learning, you may find the final 4 weeks of the calendar more useful, which covers exam day planning and guidance. Dip in and out and watch/read any resource you wish, whenever you want to.

How exactly will this help me to pass the CIMA exams?

We have collated videos, animations and PDF learning support guidance specific to passing CIMA exams. These aids have then been structured so you receive the right learning aid at the appropriate point in your study journey. In other words, e.g., providing you with tips and guidance on (say) exam day procedures and exam technique strategies as your examination day is approaching.  

I’d like to join the cohort but don’t feel comfortable booking an exam just yet?

Feel free to join the cohort but we do require commitment – booking an exam displays you’ve an end goal in mind. We’d simply ask you to book an exam by 31st October. If not, then you will be ineligible for the free resit and e-certificate of cohort completion. However, you’d still be most welcome to participate.

Can I get technical help, as I don’t understand the learning material?

This programme is aimed at providing study and exam technique learning support. It’s not designed to replace the work of the tuition providers whose role is to answer technical queries.  We have however arranged tricky topic webinars as part of this programme, hosted by our training providers – these webinars will include a question-and-answer session with the tutor expert. If you’d like technical help, then please do visit our tuition provider directory for details.

Why isn’t this available at the Certificate and Operational Level?

To make the size of the cohort manageable, we are required to restrict numbers. We do however envisage cohorts in 2022 that will be aimed at Certificate and Operational Level students.

I’d like to participate but don’t feel comfortable being part of a cohort?

There is no requirement to interact with the CIMA academics or participate in the peer-to-peer networking using our dedicated facebook pages. Think of the programme as an additional support resource you can use, as little or as much as you like. Class of ’21 - Management Level facebook page: click here and Class of ’21 - Strategic Level facebook page: click here

Tuition provision is expensive, will this programme provide me with all the skills to pass the CIMA examination?

No, this programme does NOT provide you with the fundamental knowledge base to pass CIMA exanimations. The tuition providers perform this service and have a range of study options for all budgets. This programme supplements their work by providing additional guidance on how to study/revise and coping with exam day pressures.

Can I get 1-2-1 guidance and mentoring in this programme?

Please reach out to our learning support team who specialise in 1-2-1 guidance

How much time will it take to complete?

It’s a 13-week programme of learning and exam preparation support built on the principles of cohorting. You may have already started your studying towards a CIMA exam or may require a little longer to assimilate the knowledge. Either way, you may follow the Study calendar comprehensively and if so, you may refer to learning resources of 60 hours. Alternatively, you may simply dip in and choose the support you need at a time that's more appropriate for you.

Do I need to purchase anything to do the programme, such as books?

No, everything you need will be included in the Study Diary which you will receive at the beginning of the programme.

However, please note that this programme is NOT designed to replace tuition or the work of the tuition providers. Instead, Class of ’21 aims to make your study more effective and maximize your exam marks through careful planning and exam preparation. Therefore, you are advised to follow a structured course or arrange to buy course materials from one of the Registered CIMA Tuition Providers should you wish to acquire the underpinning syllabus knowledge required to pass CIMA examinations.