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Application and assessment

We are transforming the CIMA PER application process. The Updated (online) PER application processes will close by Q3 2022. The New PER application process is available now. The Existing (paper based) PER application process closed on 31 May 2022.

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All membership applications under the 'Updated' PER must be submitted using the online Membership Application Tool (MAT). MAT enable you to record your practical experience against the CGMA Competency Framework.

To help you access MAT for the first time, please read our handy Membership Application Tool User Guide (PDF 2.2MB).

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Recording your experience

You can begin to record your experience as soon as you have started studying at the Operational level, or higher. We recommend that you should record your experience as it is gained, to help accurate recording and support the verification process.

Experience gained needs to be recorded against the appropriate Competency and the assessment will take account of the following aspects: 

  • Have you identified the correct Competency?
  • Does the description of the experience gained clearly demonstrate that the Competency has been evidenced? You have to show how the tasks completed by you are fully aligned with the activity defined.
  • Does your experience gained clearly support the proficiency level claimed?

On submission, the assessors will be looking for evidence that your experience demonstrates that the detailed competencies at the proficiency levels claimed have been achieved.

Submitting your application

Your application can be submitted for assessment as soon as you have successfully completed the Strategic Objective Tests, provided that you have gained sufficient experience. Approval at that stage will be recorded and will result in full Associate Membership of CIMA on successful completion of the Strategic Case Study.

Alternatively, if you have already successfully completed the Strategic Case Study, before submitting your Practical Experience, approval will result in immediate Associate Membership of CIMA.

You won’t be able to submit your practical experience for assessment unless you have met the minimum requirements. This is to ensure breadth of learning and experience has been achieved across the CGMA Competency Framework.

The Membership Application Tool will notify you when you attempt to submit without satisfying the minimum requirements and will also alert you when your application is ready to submit by clicking on the 'is my experience ready' button.

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