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Postal Applications

Our staff are working remotely but still handling queries and doing as much as possible to ensure there is minimal disruption to our services, providing alternative solutions to members where we can. However, our London office which processes our postal applications globally is currently closed until further notice, meaning we are unable to access postal applications we have received there. It will result in a delay in dealing with your postal application. However, if you have retained an electronic copy of your application, please attach this and email it to This will allow us to review your information and process your application.

If you are unable to provide a scanned copy of your application, please let us know your Contact ID and we will ensure your email is addressed as soon as we can once our London office has reopened.

Completing your application for membership

You should begin recording your experience from when you first register with CIMA, using the Word documents below.

You record your experience in a career profile, which includes:

  1. An assessment of practical experience/membership application form (PDF 119KB) signed by a Proposer and Seconder.
  2. An employment summary (Word 55KB).
  3. detailed record of your experience (template not available - students write this part of the application themselves).
  4. record of skills development (Word 61KB).

See our presentation on completing your career profile.

Download now

Read our applying for membership brochure (PDF, 612KB) for full details of the existing Practical Experience Requirements (PER).

Download the brochure

The Requirements

Experience may be drawn from any of the following three areas over a period of three years or more (but a minimum of 18 months must be gained within the core area).

Relevant experience gained before registering as a student will also count.

Area 1 - basic experience Area 2 - core experience Area 3 - supplementary experience
1a. preparing and maintaining accounting records 2a. preparation of management accounts 3a. financial strategy
1b. statutory and regulatory reporting 2b. planning, budgeting and forecasting 3b. corporate finance
1c. IT desktop skills 2c. management reporting for decision making 3c. treasury management
1d. systems and procedure development 2d. product and service costing 3d. taxation
  2e. information management 3e. business evaluation and appraisal
  2f. project appraisal 3f. business strategy
  2g. project management 3g. external relationships
  2h. working capital control  
  2i. risk management and business assurance  

Academic and audit experience

Our academic (PDF 48KB), internal audit (PDF 33KB) and external audit (PDF 33KB) guidelines explain whether your experience in these areas can be used as part of your application.

Submitting your application for membership

You can submit your CIMA membership application by:

  • Email - full application scanned in high quality, full colour to
  • Post - full application sent to 'CIMA, The Helicon, One South Place, London, EC2M 2RB'. Note: in the current climate, due to Covid-19, it may take us longer to review postal applications.
  • Face-to-face membership assessment sessions - please check website for dates and locations.

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