Practical experience requirements (PER)

A guide to submitting your PER

In order to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), you need a minimum of three years' verified relevant work-based practical experience.

The practical experience requirements (PER) are an essential part of the CIMA Qualification and CIMA’s membership application process. They complement assessments and demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the context of your professional experience. 

Your PER application will be assessed to determine whether you have gained sufficient experience to be awarded Associate membership – giving you the associate chartered management accountant (ACMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designations.

PER has been updated following the launch of the 2015 CIMA Professional Qualification. The updated requirements are aligned with the syllabus and assessment, and are based around the CGMA Competency Framework.

All membership applications must be submitted using the online Membership Application Tool (MAT). MAT enable you to record your practical experience against the CGMA Competency Framework.

Updated requirements

Why has CIMA updated its practical experience requirements?

We consulted with leading global businesses to ensure our syllabus and assessment is robust and relevant to their present and future requirements. We asked them what competencies they require to drive better business, and as a result of this, we developed the CGMA Competency Framework. The Framework shows the skills and competencies that Chartered Global Management Accountant™ (CGMA®) professionals need to help drive the success of their organisation. 

The CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus and assessment and our updated PER are driven by now fully aligned through the the CGMA Competency Framework, ensuring that you are equipped with the skills and competencies businesses need.