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Practical experience requirements (PER)

A guide to submitting your PER

In order to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), you need a minimum of three years' verified relevant work-based practical experience.

PER application process transformation

We are pleased to announce we are updating the Practical Experience Requirements (PER) for CIMA membership. 

We developed the new practical experience requirements and the process for recording your experience and applying for membership in consultation with employers, students, and members. We ran a pilot in 2021 with over 500 students to trial the new PER application process. It was a resounding success. The pilot gave us a good opportunity to ensure the new process worked, and to get feedback for implementation. We had lots of positive feedback like this:

‘I think it is more relevant than the current PER process - it makes you think about your tasks and how your experience applies to CIMA membership’

We are now launching the new PER application process and you can submit your PER application using the new format. For a short period, we will be accepting applications under the previous postal and online processes from students who have been working towards these criteria and are nearly ready to submit their applications. These older processes will gradually be withdrawn and later this year only the new 2022 PER application process will be available. The new PER application process will be initially an email route using a Word template. A fully online solution will be launched later this year.

What changes will you see as we transition?

Over the next 6 months there are several changes happening to get the new process in place.

  1. The new PER application process was launched on 31 March 2022 for submission by email. This uses a Word template which was trialled during the pilot.
  2. We will be decommissioning the two existing PER application processes.
    • The Existing (paper based) process closed on 31 May 2022
    • Face to Face sessions ended on 31 May 2022
    • The Updated (online) application process will close on 30 October 2022 for new applicants and re-submissions
  3. We will be launching the new online PER application process later in 2022. We'll be in touch closer to the time to provide more details about the system and how to complete the application online rather than in the Word template.

How to choose the right PER application process for you?

  1. I have not started my PER application. You should use the new PER application process. Find more information here
  2. I have a partially completed application using the existing (paper based) application process. This route is now closed, so you will need to start a new application.  Find out more
  3. I have a partially completed application using the updated (online) application process
    • If you think you can submit your application by 30 October 2022 then continue with your current application
    • If you think you need more time, start with the new PER Word form. Find more information here
  4. New PER process 

    Updated requirementsClosing 30 October 2022