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My degree or qualification isn’t in the database

If your degree isn’t in the exemptions database but is in a subject related to the CIMA Professional Qualification you could still be awarded some exemptions from the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting.

If you have an MBA you could be eligible for exemptions for the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, as well as subject E1 of the CIMA Professional Qualification, or the Master’s gateway route.

We will not award exemptions if your degree is not in a subject related to the CIMA professional qualification and is not in the database

What degrees are considered?

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees not found in the exemptions database are considered for exemptions.

If you have studied outside of the UK we will use the UK National Recognition Information Centre to determine how your qualification compares.

Qualifications must be comparable to at least a UK certificate of higher education to be considered for exemptions.

What exams will I be exempt from?

What exams you are exempt from will depend on:

  • Your degree certificate and course transcripts 
  • What grouping your degree falls in to

The table below shows exemptions we would expect to award graduates with a degree in each of these areas. This list is not final and can vary from case to case.

Degree group Exemptions awarded
Accounting All certificate level exams
Business studies/administration All certificate level exams
Commerce All certificate level exams
Business general BA1 Fundamentals of business economics
BA4 Fundamentals of ethics, corporate governance and business law
Economics BA1 Fundamentals of business economics
Finance BA1 Fundamentals of business economics
BA2 Fundamentals of management accounting
BA3 Fundamentals of financial accounting
Management BA1 Fundamentals of business economics
MBA All certificate level exams
E1 – Organisational management

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Applying for exemptions

  1. Register as a CIMA student
  2. Search for your qualification on our database
  3. Send us your documents
  4. Await confirmation we have received your documents
  5. Accept or decline the exemptions you receive