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Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

CIMA and ACT have agreed a reciprocal arrangement that allows members of each body a fast track route to membership. If you have completed the Diploma in Treasury Management you will be eligible for an accelerated route to CIMA membership.

Following an agreement in 2018 and an extensive mapping between the ACT and CIMA Syllabi, ACT members who have completed the Diploma in Treasury Management will be given the following exemptions from the CIMA Syllabus.

Exemptions offered:
BA1, BA2, BA3, BA4
E1, P1, F1, Operational Case Study
E2, P2, F2

This will leave them with the following exams to sit:
Management Case Study
E3, P3
Strategic Case Study

ACT members should register with CIMA and then apply for their exemptions.

CIMA members looking to join ACT


What is treasury?

Businesses must raise money to pay for what they need to run that business. Treasury knows how and where to raise money and how to get this money, together with the money from profits, to where it needs to be. Treasury knows how to invest spare cash safely. It understands the risks a business faces and how to measure and respond to them. Treasury is a key enabler of business strategy and driver of shareholder value.

What is the difference between accountancy and treasury?

Treasury is not accountancy, however the two complement each other perfectly.

Accountancy is a key function in any organisation keeping all financial transactions in order. Treasurers are strategic financial managers managing the liquidity of a business and their decisions directly impact the profit, loss and financial health of a company. The most effective CFO’s combine the two skill sets to ensure they’re approaching all their decisions in the most informed manner.

Where can I find out more about treasury?

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the chartered body for treasury professionals. CIMA and the ACT are partner professional bodies, working together to further the development and raise the profiles of finance professionals. More information about the ACT and treasury as a profession can be found here:


How can I expand my skill set?

If you’re looking to open doors to further career opportunities, then look no further. The ACT sets the industry benchmark qualifications in treasury.


What do CIMA members have to say about treasury and the ACT?

“I am CIMA qualified, but felt that ACT qualifications were relevant to my role. I knew that completing this qualification was important for my future career development. The course was also the ideal opportunity to network with other professionals from the banking and corporate sectors. Employers are looking for evidence of technical competence; ACT qualifications provide this.”

David Ransome, Treasury Manager, Hunting PLC