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Mar 2012

Words in action - character list

Full character list:

Anthony 'Tony' Scales (42) – chief executive of the Miralux Corporation. 
Brought in to modernise the company and whip it into shape after the former long-serving CEO announced his premature retirement. 

Tony has to balance many of the expectations of the more traditional shareholders who want growth and steady profits, against those of other stakeholders who would like to see a more open, transparent and socially responsible Miralux.  

Tony trained and worked as an engineer before transforming himself into a high-flying management consultant. He wants to show that he’s not just a smooth talker and actually do something.

Cassandra ‘Cassie’ di Alba (35) – PA to the chief executive. 
Cassie is in some way a misfit in the corporate world.

A successful actress who realised that she was never going to make the big time, Cassie re-trained as a personal executive assistant. 

She was tipped off for the job as PA to Tony Scales and Cameron Trevaine by her friend Sara Andersen who works in payments. 

After just four months in the job, Cassie is popular at work, and already Tony appreciates her chirpy style and her insights. 

Cameron Trevaine (50) – chief financial officer. 
Cameron has been around for some time, and has been called traditional, innovative, a safe pair of hands and ruthless by his subordinates.

An archetypal chartered accountant in industry, Cameron would love to be a CEO. 

However he knows that he’s not going to get the post at Miralux ... unless of course something goes horribly wrong. 

James Turner (44) – Miralux’s Operations Director for six years and a member of the management team. 
James’ remit include strategic initiatives, property developments, and overseas investments.

 Pathologically driven at work, a recent slave to his BlackBerry, but capable of sporadic bursts of creativity, James is annoyed that CEO’s job went to an outsider…a younger man. 

However Tony gives James quite a wide berth for now and actually, he quite likes the guy.

Tallulah Osborne (36) – Miralux’s environment and safety officer heading up SHE (safety, health and environment).
Tallulah also sits on Miralux’s corporate social responsibility council, and is engaged in a number of external groups such as the national UN Global Compact chapter. 

An environmental campaigner (and suspected activist) in her younger days she turned environmental engineer and is used to uphill struggles. 

Behind her back some colleagues refer to her as the 'ice queen' because she regularly refers to the melting glaciers and likes to keep her distance.

Anil Jervis-Gupta (32) – A high-flying, hard-working management accountant
Anil likes new challenges and is seen as one of Cameron Trevaine’s protégés. 

However Anil does not always agree with his boss. 

Anil is passionate about management accountancy which truly supports the business. 

Pushed into it by his parents, Anil actually would like to do something of value, but can easily fall into the trap of complaining about the state of the nation.

Paul Callow (48) – project director reporting to James and personal friend from a previous job. 
Paul’s a bit of a law unto himself, but widely liked and James relies on him for his knack of bringing in projects on time and in budget. 

Unconventional in many ways, Paul’s personal life is currently falling apart.