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Nov 2011

Words in action

Simply talking about fraud, corruption and the environment won’t make much difference. But action will.

The battle to save the planet from environmental damage, and the war on fraud and corruption continues. But flowery speeches by chief executives and a mountain of new legislation are making little impact. So what will?

'Words in Action' is an educational drama about sustainable management, to be used in training. It dramatises the situations, conflicts and dilemmas which we come up against at work and creates an opportunity for discussion and learning. 

A DVD and full teaching package will be available in early 2012. However you can watch an episode each week here on the CIMA learning portal web channel. 

We invite you to follow the internal conflicts inside the Miralux Corporation as they unfold. Tony Scales, the chief executive, is desperate to get across his code of conduct message. He believes all should 'commit to a greener planet and keep fraud and corruption out,' but his own commitment is questionable. 

Tallulah Osborne, head of CSR and a 'fierce campaigner,' despises what she calls token gestures. James Turner, director of marketing is a realist …'how are we going to make any money around here?'

When rumours of bribery abound, and finance director Cameron Trevaine spending increasing time pursuing a petty fraud, even Tony begins to wonder if his speeches and all the bureaucracy are having any impact. How can head of business control Anil Gupta improve the situation? Should Anil be producing the information management want…or the information they really need to run the business?

'Words in Action' is about how we can all make a difference by putting words into practice, moving away from blindly filling in forms and ticking boxes, and pulling together as a team. 

If we want to win the battle for ethical and sustainable business practices, as well as a cleaner environment, then change must come from within, through behaviour and actions.

'Words in Action' is based on real events and experiences of screenwriter/fraud investigator and CIMA trainer, Nigel Krishna Iyer. The film is directed by acclaimed director Daz Spencer-Lovesey and has a professional cast and crew.