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Aug 2018

Managing the Trust P&L: A toolkit for boards

This toolkit offers board level professionals with a greater understanding of how trust fits into their business model. The tool helps board members and C-suite professionals to look at trust in a systematic way that relates to their organisation.

As value is increasingly driven by intangible factors, trust in business amongst stakeholders throughout society becomes paramount in determining an organisation's reputation and commercial success.

Managing the Trust P&L is a toolkit designed to help board members manage trust over the long term by viewing their business model through the Lens of Trust. It explains why trust is important and introduces key Principles of Trust, shows how boards and senior executives can integrate the trust conversation into their organisation's value drivers, and provides a series of KPIs to measure and build trust in an effective way to support long-term success.

In this way, it helps boards to fulfil their roles as guardians of the business, and to embed trust considerations into business operations to support long-term value generation.

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Managing the Trust P&L: A toolkit for boards