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Apr 2017

Risk management in the banking sector

Since the recent financial crisis, much attention has been paid to risk management, especially in the banking sector. This research conducted in a large Dutch bank explored the involvement of management accountants in risk management and how the degree of this involvement is influenced by their personality traits. The study included both a survey and interviews.

This research argues that having an impact on risk-taking behaviours requires management accountants to do more than what is specified in their job description. Individuals have latitude in performing their job, and as such they can actively shape their tasks and interactions with others. As a result, individuals with the same formal job description may play different roles in practice.

This study sets out to investigate the risk management practices in a large bank as well as the involvement of management accountants in the development and functioning of these practices. The study also explores variations in the roles of management accountants and how these relate to differences in personality traits.

The main objectives of the research are defined as follows:

  •  To investigate the development and use of the risk management system in a large bank.
  • To examine: a) the variation in management accountants’ involvement in risk management, and b) the relationship between management accountants’ personality traits and their involvement in risk management.
  • To explore the role played by personality traits in management accountants’ efforts to achieve impact.

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Risk management in the banking sector