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CIMA Sponsored Conferences

Every year, CIMA's General Charitable Trust sponsors conferences around the world as a way to engage with the leading academics and support the research being done in management accounting. We encourage practitioners to attend these conferences as they offer new perspectives on management accounting.


We will not be having an open call for conference sponsorship in 2020 but will instead be sending out invitations to apply later this year. However if you are planning to hold a new conference or workshop that will contribute to advancing management accounting theory and practice please email us at providing more information on the event.

The following table lists conferences CIMA is sponsoring during 2019.

7-8 March Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR)
9-10 April British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference (BAFA)
24-26 April 
25-26 April 
20-21 June Global Management Accounting Research Symposium (GMARS)
25-26 June
6-7 July  Asia Pac Management Accounting Research Symposium (AMARS)
24-26 July University of Sao Paulo Accounting Conference (USP)
26-29 August Congress on Social and Enviromental Accounting Research (CSEAR)
18-20 September  Conference on Performance Management Control (EIASM PM & MC)
8 October  Making Integrated Thinking Happen: aligning corporate purpose with sustainable strategy  (INTEG-THINKING)
14-15 November  Management Accounting Research Group (MARG ASTON)
12-13 December CSEAR Australia

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