CIMA Sponsored Conferences

Every year, CIMA's General Charitable Trust sponsors conferences around the world as a way to engage with the leading academics and support the research being done in management accounting. We encourage practitioners to attend these conferences as they offer new perspectives on management accounting.

Sponsorship for 2018 conferences

Applications for sponsorship  of 2018 conferences will be open between 31 January and 31 August 2017.

To apply, please complete this form and return to

The guidance notes contain further information on completing the sponsorship application form.

The following table lists conferences CIMA is sponsoring during 2017, with links to conference web sites.

1-3 March Performance Measurement Association of Australasia Conference
9-10 March Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR)
30 March Management Accounting Research Group Conference  (MARG)
10-12 April British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Conference.
3 May Accounting Society and the Environment, Herriot Watt University.
10-12 May European Accounting Association Annual Conference.
15-17 May 4th French Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research.
8-9 June Researching Management Accounting and Control: Its relevance and implications
8-9 June CIGAR 16th Biennial Conference - Future avenues for Public Sector Accounting.
19-21 June Conference on Convergence of Managerial and Financial Accounting Research.
22-23 June Annual Global Management Accounting Research Symposium and Emerging Scholar Forum.
27-28 June  IAAER Paper Development Workshop (precedes SAAA and AAFA joint conference).

29-30 June European Network for Research in Organisational & Accounting Change (ENROAC).
2 - 4 July Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference.
26-28 July USP XV Congress of Accountants and Controllers.
22-25 August International Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research(CSEAR), University of St Andrews.
11 October Accounting Control, Accountability and Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Public Sector Organisations, Herriot Watt University.
13-15 Sep. EIASM Conference on Performance Measurement and Management Control.
25 Sep. IAEER Paper Development Workshop, Cracow Business School
16-17 Nov. MARG Aston, Aston University.
6-9 Nov. Conference of Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Association.
30 Nov. - 2  Dec. Australian Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (A-CSEAR) Conference.
11-15 December Eden Doctoral Seminar on quantitative empirical research on management accounting

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