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Aug 2015

Local perspectives - South East Asia

The ever-changing global business environment affects regions in different ways. CIMA offices in South East Asia have conducted workshops and roundtables to discuss the emerging issues facing business to gather a local perspective and how these should be addressed.

CFO dialogue – the epitome of integrated reporting

The inaugural 'CFO dialogue: the cutting edge CFO' conference in Kuala Lumpur saw business leaders introducing the conversation about the need for integrated thinking and the integrated reporting framework.

This special report – an amalgamation of views and thoughts from business leaders and high-profile influencers – shares key insights into the changing world of business, business models, the external environment, integrated thinking and integrated reporting.

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CFO dialogue – managing the board’s expectations

As part of the evolution of the role of the CFO, there is a multifaceted and intricate relationship between the CFO and the members of the board of directors. While there are unique and individual situations in different organisations, it is almost universal that part of the CFO's role is to manage board expectations.

This special report is a consolidation of expert views, thoughts and perspectives from a panel discussion held in Kuala Lumpur.

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Ready for business – local perspectives

The employability gap is a global issue and challenge that cuts across borders and markets.

Within individual markets, the employability gap takes on a different context due to cultural, societal and economic conditions, but some issues related to employability are common to almost all markets.

Our report Ready for business: bridging the employability gap explores the disconnect between the priorities of educators and the skills needed by students for employment. CIMA has explored these issues in greater detail through roundtable discussions and produced the following reports on local perspectives: