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Oct 2015

Joining the Dots

Decision making for a new era.

High-quality decision making has never been more important — or more difficult. Leading in a new era requires the ability to join the dots, connecting the most relevant information and people from across the organisation when making decisions. Our research provides solutions to help you join the dots in your organisation.

CGMA research identifies the major flaws in organisational decision making and provides the solutions to these challenges.

Find out how leading senior executives are joining the dots in their organisations.

Access CGMA tools resources that help you improve your organisation and join the dots.

The Global Management Accounting Principles help organisations make better decisions, respond appropriately to the risks they face and protect the value they generate.

How integrated reporting can help gain competitive advantage by creating integrated thinking across an organisation.

Are you ready for the open workforce?

This report explores the emergence of the open workforce, and the dramatic implications for how tomorrow’s market leaders will govern the open organisation of the future.

Reports, blogs and infographics unlocking opportunities in big data.

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Businesses are in the throes of a quiet revolution in terms of how they resource, manage and deliver on their strategic goals.

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