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Jun 2010

Interventionist management accounting research: lessons learned

Interventionist research has been suggested as one possible way to produce practically relevant management accounting research.

Cost Management Center (CMC) is a research team at Tampere University of Technology (Finland) focusing on cost management and management accounting research. During the past ten years, CMC has completed over 30 long-term research projects with clear interventionist elements in them. All these research projects have been conducted with industrial partners, and researchers have been actively involved in the development of cost management and/or management reporting practices. The deep involvement in the development processes has provided a ‘box seat’ to observe these processes and contribute to the scientific community. This CIMA-funded research project has provided a possibility to analyse some of these interventionist research projects or streams in retrospect.

Interventionist research should not only be seen as an approach for collecting empirical data but also as a vehicle for creating sustainable relations between academia and different industries.

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Interventionist management accounting research: lessons learned