Dec 2016

Internal trust: Building alliances from within

CIMA and St Paul’s Institute held a roundtable discussion exploring the subject of trust within organisations as part of an ongoing joint programme on ethical culture.

This was in follow-up to CGMA research which highlighted how companies globally are struggling to improve trust and build collaboration both within organisations internally and with external stakeholders.

The discussion report, co-produced with St Pauls Institute, explores the subject of trust within an organisation: what creates blocks to internal trust, the implications of such blocks and how best to create structures that encourage stronger working relationships and alliances.

Any part of the fish can rot. The head is very important but is by no means the only issue because there are all sorts of social behaviours at every level, including words versus actions, not sanctioning people, unrealistic targets, conflicts of interests etc. that can cause internal trust issues.

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Internal trust: Building alliances from within