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Aug 2017

Integrated thinking

Align purpose and the business model to market opportunities and sustainable performance. Find out how the finance organisation helps understand, enhance, and report strategies for long-term value creation.

Contemporary organisations operate in a complex world, characterised by a multitude of internal and external drivers, interdependencies and trade-offs that influence the process of decision making, the promises that these decisions entail, and the expectations of a variety of demanding stakeholders. Organisation leaders are increasingly required to navigate through these challenges by implementing a comprehensive approach to planning, measurement, and reporting.

Integrated thinking is about connecting performance with purpose. It involves identifying, executing, and monitoring business decisions and strategies for long-term value creation. Integrated thinking builds on the need to reconcile competitiveness and sustainable growth within the context of inclusive business models in order to take advantage of the opportunities and face the challenges of the market.

Integrated Thinking is a term that refers to the conditions and processes that are conducive to an inclusive process of decision making, management and reporting, based on the connectivity and interdependencies between a range of factors that affect an organisation’s ability to create value over time.

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Integrated thinking