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Nov 2015

Cost Transformation Model

The CGMA cost transformation model is designed to help businesses to achieve and maintain cost competitiveness.

The CGMA cost transformation model is designed to help businesses to achieve and maintain cost-competitiveness. It serves as a practical and logical planning and control framework for transforming and managing a business’s cost-competitiveness.

The model consists of a set of six co-dependent areas that, once viewed together as a set, will help organisations achieve and maintain long term cost-competitiveness.

This provides an overview of the CGMA Cost Transformation Model, designed to help businesses to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

Bob Cortese, CTS Corporation’s Canadian Controller, shares with us some of the principles that guided cost transformation within the organisation.

Kevin Eidelman, Calgro M3 Holding’s Group Financial Manager, shares some of the secrets of the company’s cost management success.

Claire Osmundsen-Little, Tata Steel Europe’s Finance Controller, Packaging, explains how the initiatives employed by the company ensured the business weathered the storm of global economic change.

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Cost Transformation Model

We all know the saying ‘watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’, suggesting that micro managing small expenditure paves the way for profits. But I believe that being penny wise can in fact mean being pound foolish. It’s crucial to see the bigger picture of your business costs.

Kevin Eidelman Group Financial Manager, Calgro M3 Holdings Ltd