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Jun 2011

Adopting Enterprise Web 2.0 collaborative technologies in business: The implications for management accountants

This report seeks to augment the ability of executives, managers and accountants to better understand one of the most recent examples of technologically enabled change, Web 2.0, and its business related variant, Enterprise 2.0.

This research is a first step to find out how Enterprise Web 2.0 techniques are understood and engaged with by practicing management accountants. In particular how accountants view the current and future prospects of these technologies, how business value is realised from their use, and how such techniques complement and supplement enterprise systems. The research is based on a combination of case studies and surveys. Case studies were conducted in 2009/2010 in two companies, Corp and Enumerate who identify themselves as early adopters of these technologies.

I definitely think that the big challenge or the big shift for us is that we have spent a great deal of money and a great deal of effort building environments to articulate who we are as a business, to our internal structure as well as to our external sources but I just think that the next version of things is starting to move away from that and instead of it being a structured organisation who we are as an entity, its much more about who I am as an individual professional as a part of this organisation and that is a big shift.

Global advisory services practice manager, Enumerate

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Adopting Enterprise Web 2.0 collaborative technologies in business