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Feb 2012

2012 lectures: Tomorrow's world value

On 27 February 2012, Gervais Williams, managing director of MAM Funds, gave a powerful Tomorrow’s Value lecture at the impressive Mansion House.

Gervais, the award-winning author of ‘Slow finance’, spoke about how applying slow food principles to finance will create new directions for society. He predicts there will be major changes in financial trends beyond the credit boom, and that people will become less comfortable with debt and focus on simplicity and transparency in finance. 

Gervais’ analysis is compelling and timely. It comes at a critical time in thinking about the future of the city; on the one hand structural reforms proposed by the Vickers Commission and endorsed by the government, on the other an increasing focus on the importance of values and ethics. 

The lecture was followed by an absorbing panel discussion, featuring; Edward Bonham-Carter, group chief executive, Jupiter Investment Management; James Featherby, chairman, Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group; and Richard Sermon, chairman, City Values Forum and former sheriff.

The evening, attended by over 300 business leaders from across the city, was rounded off by CIMA managing director Andrew Harding, who strengthened the call for integrated reporting. 

You can search for #TomorrowsValue on Twitter.


Keynote speech

Panel discussion

Closing speech