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The CGMA® Finance Leadership Program

Accelerate your finance career

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program (FLP) is a guided, digital-first learning and assessment experience. It’s your online route to the Professional Qualification and the Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA) designation — the most relevant global finance qualification for a business career, held by more than 140,000 finance professionals worldwide. 

Is the CGMA FLP available in your in your region?

  • The CGMA FLP is now available globally.
  • CGMA is not yet available in South Africa and China. Further information will follow and students will be notified when the CGMA FLP becomes available in their region
  • If you’re a student in Sri Lanka and are interested in the CGMA FLP, find out more information and register with one of our partners today.

Flexible online learning

The CGMA FLP teaches the same competencies as other routes to CIMA's CGMA Professional Qualification. This prepares finance professionals for careers in management accounting. Candidates will be assessed on the same material and must demonstrate the same level of competency and experience to earn the CGMA designation and CIMA membership.

With the CGMA FLP, learning is part of an all-inclusive subscription package and delivered online in a self-paced digital environment. The CGMA FLP offers you the opportunity to both learn the material and sit online assessments at your speed. As there is no Objective Test (OT) exam date to schedule or work towards, you can study when you want, wherever you are, and even learn the topics in whichever order you like. Case study exams can be sat at an assessment centre or taken remotely online, thus creating a true digital learning experience.

Watch the video to find out more on about the CGMA FLP program


Personalize your learning journey

Flexible and Self-Paced - Progress at your own speed based on your previous knowledge and experience and on your own schedule.

Accelerate your career growth

Become a Strategic Leader - Develop the competencies that accelerate career growth by evolving beyond technical accounting to take on strategic and management priorities.

Develop in-demand skills

Skill That Matter - Learn highly applicable skills that 2,000 companies around the world have identified as being critical for driving actionable insights.

Streamline professional development

Integrated Learning and Assessment - Gain instant access to everything you need to complete the program. All learning, exams, prep courses and fees are included in the price and can be completed.

Earn CGMA Designation

Showcase Your Value - Join 150,000 designation holders and the world's largest community of finance professionals.

Starting Your CGMA Study

If new to CIMA and starting your study, you will have already or about to receive your exemptions and you will commence at the respective level offered during registration.

Continuing your Study

If, on the other hand you transfer to the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, you will maintain all CIMA progress:

  • If you’ve already passed objective tests, for example the P1 exam, you will receive credit for the corresponding competency area learning and assessment and won’t be required to re-take the learning or assessments in these areas.
  • If you’ve passed any CIMA case study exams, you will receive credit for them in the Finance Leadership Program and will not be required to re-take them.

NOTE: No credit is given for learning taken with other providers because it does not include the necessary assessment included in the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

If you transfer back to the traditional pathway after your CGMA FLP subscription expires, the progress you made will be maintained and transferred with you

Earning Skills Certificates and Diplomas

A curriculum made up of skills identified by 2,000 finance teams around the world as critical for driving actionable insights and accelerating career growth.

Complete groups of Competencies to earn Skills Certificates and pass each Level to earn Diplomas. These milestones document your own progress and demonstrate tools you’ve acquired to employers. The CGMA Finance Leadership Program’s curriculum is based on the 2019 CIMA Syllabus, the world’s most up-to-date and technologically advanced accountancy program.

Review the curriculum to see skills, Certificates and Diplomas you’ll earn throughout the program.


The Operational Level teaches essential business concepts and establishes a strong foundation in technical finance and accounting.

Digital Finance Skills Certificate

  • Finance Function Transformation — Understand the role and transformation of finance.
  • Finance Business Partnering — Explain main business functions and finance business partnering.
  • Data and Analytics — Identify how data-backed analysis supports decision-making.

Budget and Cost Analysis Skills Certificate

  • Short-Term Decision Making — Present information to support decision-making that considers uncertainty.
  • Cost Accounting — Apply cost accounting methods to planning, control and reporting.
  • Budgeting and Planning — Prepare and use budgets to impact planning and control.

Financial Reporting Skills Certificate

  • Regulatory Environment — Describe regulatory oversight, standard-setting and corporate governance processes.
  • Financial Statements — Apply financial reporting standards to prepare financial statements.
  • Principles of Taxation — Recognise key international taxation issues and prepare corporate tax calculations.
  • Managing Working Capital — Use short-term financing and working capital management techniques.

Diploma in Management Accounting

Receive your diploma after completing the Operational Level and the Operational Case Study.

At the Management Level, you’ll develop core skills and business acumen while acquiring more advanced tools and frameworks.

Team Performance Management Skills Certificate

  • Business Models — Recognise the dynamics of organisational ecosystems and business model frameworks.
  • Leading and Managing People — Apply management and leadership approaches that improve team performance.
  • Project Management — Apply project management tools and techniques that drive change.

Financial Planning and Analysis Skills Certificate

  • Cost Competitiveness — Advise on techniques to manage costs and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Organisational Performance — Manage performance of organisation units.
  • Pricing and Capital Investment Decisions — Support pricing strategies and capital investment decision making.
  • Decision Making and Risk — Identify and manage risk associated with decision making.

Financial Statement Analysis Skills Certificate

  • Advanced Financial Statements — Apply recognition, measurement and presentation criteria used in International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Long-Term Financing — Advise on sources of long-term finance and associated costs.
  • Complex Group Reporting — Prepare financial statements according to relevant international accounting standards.
  • Financial Statement Analysis — Provide insights about financial performance and position.

Diploma in Advanced Management Accounting

  • Receive your diploma after completing the Management Learning Level and the Management Case Study.

In the Strategic Level, you’ll complete your finance professional skill set with new insights and a valuable toolkit to help you lead at the enterprise level.

Strategy Management Skills Certificate

  • Competitive Advantage — Advise on current position and long-term direction.
  • Strategy Formulation — Formulate and effectively present strategy to leadership.
  • Strategy Implementation — Evaluate the effectiveness of strategy implementation and the importance of change management.
  • Digital Strategy — Develop and implement enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Enterprise Risk Management Skills Certificate

  • Enterprise Risk Management — Identify, evaluate and manage enterprise risks.
  • Strategic Risk — Analyse risks associated with governance and strategy formulation.
  • Internal Control — Recommend and implement internal controls.
  • Cybersecurity — Anticipate cybersecurity threats and apply risk management techniques.

Corporate Finance Strategy Skills Certificate

  • Financial Policies and Objectives — Evaluate strategic goals and policy decisions.
  • Debt and Equity Finance — Analyse capital structure and strategic financing decisions.
  • Financial Risk — Assess and manage financial risks.
  • Business Valuation and Acquisitions — Evaluate decisions impacting business valuation and acquisitions

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation

After completing the Strategic Level, the Strategic Case Study and three or more years of verified, relevant, work-based practical experience, you can become a CGMA.

The case study exams

Focus on case study exams

The FInancial Leadership Program's Case Study Review Course prepares you for the case study exams. Students analyse a scenario involving a model business through self-paced video lectures, assignments and practice tests. Pre-seen materials provided before the exam — including information about the model business — frame an immersive real-world experience.

Case study exams offer a simulation-based testing format that brings together the knowledge, skills and techniques you acquire across each of the three levels of the CGMA FLP: Operational, Management and Strategic. You’ll conduct research and execute solutions to complex challenges facing a model company in a comprehensive real-world scenario.

Visit the CGMA website to learn more about the case study exam.

The financial Leadership Eligibility assessment indicates where you'll start the program according to two gateways:


Undergraduate and graduate degrees impact your program entry point.

Program entry points based on Education:

Management Learning Level

Bachelor's degree and above in accounting and finance. 

Operational Learning Level
Bachelor's degree or above in business

Professional Qualification

Qualifications from other professional accounting bodies ensure you begin at the right place.

Program entries points based on Professional Qualification:

Strategic Case Study
U.S. CPA and AICPA regular member

Strategic Learning Level
Member or passed finalist of an accredited IFAC body or other recognized body

Management Learning Level
Part-qualified (Diploma level) from an accredited IFAC body or other recognized body

Operational Learning Level
Certificates from an accredited IFAC body or other recognized body.

Subscription options

To find out more on subscription options on the enrol page

Subscription options

Skills Core

Skills Core offers an alternative subscription as a learning only product which does not include exam credits or Case Study Review Course. This option allows to develop core competencies needed to accelerate your career and to earn skills certificates to show accomplishments. Entry point is dependent on qualifications, however all content across all the competencies is available to any student that subscribes.

Skills Plus

Skills Plus is primarily self-study, so you can work at your own pace and have flexibility on when to study. Again, this option includes all you need to become CGMA qualified.

Skills Premium

Skills Premium takes the self-study learning journey in Skills Plus and moves it into a cohort-based class that is centered around live sessions led by expert tutors at Kaplan to assist you with your learning and prepare for your case study exams.

Our official partner of FLP Skills Premium, Kaplan

You need to determine whether or not the additional support, live sessions and being part of a class with cohort-based group learning will increase your chances of success.

Choosing your subscription length

You also need to select a subscription length of 1-, 2- or 3 years. Which option is best for you depends on many factors, like how far you may have progressed in the qualification (if a transfer student); how much time and effort you can dedicate to studying every week to complete each level; and your budget.

Generally, most full-time, working professionals in the program complete each level in about one year. Roughly 6 months is spent completing the Competency Areas in the level and about 2-3 months is spent preparing and sitting for the case study exam.

There is no restriction on how quickly or slowly you can progress through the program. With an active subscription, you can progress as far as you’re able to during your license period.

If you need more time, you always can renew your subscription for an additional year. Once your subscription is renewed, you can resume from where you left off.

Joining a Skills Premium class

With the cohort-based group learning approach, there are four class windows throughout the year during which the Skills Premium Learning and Exam Review classes begin for each level.

The first Skills Premium classes that cover the Competency Area learning begin in October 2022. These classes will include approximately two live, online sessions per month over approximately 6 months.

The classes that prepare you for the Case Study exam for each level will start in April 2023 and run for about 2 months. You can choose either 5 full days live, online sessions or 10 half-day live, online sessions. While live online session attendance is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged, as this is your “classroom”. They will also be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

Support for learners

  • Tutor contact via Live Chat or email outside of scheduled classes
  • Personal Coaches offer advice, guidance and support on how to best learn and progress through the course. They use data to identify if learners need extra support and will help them to get back on track should they need it.
  • Live classes with other learners, as part of a small cohort - creating opportunities to spark new ideas and get new perspectives
  • Integrated learning platform with everything in one place. Access all online learning, catch up on lecture recordings, and track your progress with a personalised learning dashboard
  • Student Service support available 362 days a year

For further information, read the FAQs

  • Lucas Prillaman, CPA, CGMA

    Senior Tax Associate

    ‘After being a part of the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, I feel even more prepared for future roles in management’.

  • Hank Windhorst, CPA, CGMA

    Financial Planning Consultant
    Chick-fil-A Corporate

    ‘I chose to pursue the opportunity as the logical next step toward my goal of becoming a more well-rounded finance professional’.

  • Nora Merriman, CPA, CGMA

    Financial Analyst

    ‘Thanks to the CGMA Finance Leadership Program, I have a greater understanding of financial concepts as well as general business knowledge. I can contribute to conversations that I used to only observe’.