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Glossary of terms and contracts (Arabic – English)

  • Sadaqah

    Voluntary charitable contribution by a Muslim seeking to please Allah.

  • Sadd al-dharai’

    Blocking the means.

  • Sahm

    A share.

  • Salam

    Refers to the purchase of a commodity for deferred delivery in exchange for immediate payment. Thus, in a Salam contract, the price is paid in full and in advance while the commodity is deferred to an agreed date in the future.

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  • Sanadat al-dayn

    Certificates of debt.

  • Shafi’i [shafi’e]

    Particular school of law.

  • Shari’ah [Shariah, Sharia, Shari’a, Sharia’a, Syariah]

    Sacred law revealed by God Almighty.

  • Shirkah


  • Shirkah al-mufawadah

    Equal partnership.

  • Sukuk

    Certificates of investment.

  • Sukuk al-Ijarah

    Certificates of investment in leased assets.

  • Sukuk al-Intifa’a

    Sukuk for use or services.

  • Sukuk Istithmar

    Certificates in investment.

  • Sunnah

    The traditions of the Prophet Mohammad.