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Glossary of terms and contracts (Arabic – English)

  • Hadiah al-thawaab

    A gift with the intention of getting the reward from the recipient in the future.

  • Hajj (haj, haji)

    Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

  • Halal

    Acceptable and lawful.

  • Hamish jiddyah

    A security deposit paid by a party...

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  • Hanafi

    Particular school of law.

  • Hanbali

    Particular school of law.

  • Haram [haraam]

    Unacceptable or prohibited.

  • Hasuna

    Pleasing, appealing or nice.

  • Hiba [hibah]


  • Hiwalah [hawala]

    Transfer of debt/right to claim.

  • Hukm

    A ruling in the Qur’an or the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, or derived through the reasoning of jurists.