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Glossary of terms and contracts (Arabic – English)

  • Bancassurance

    Insurance offered or marketed through banks instead of through insurance branches or agents.

  • Bancatakaful

    Takaful offered or marketed through banks instead of through takaful branches and agents.

  • Bay’ [bai’]


  • Bay’ al-dayn

    The sale of debt.

  • Bay’ al-Inah

    Sell and buy-back to obtain cash.

  • Bay’ al-murabahah

    Sale of a commodity at cost price plus a known profit.

  • Bay’ al-tawliyah

    Sale at cost without profit or loss.

  • Bay’ al-wadiah

    Sale below the cost price or at a discounted price.

  • Bay’ mu’ajjal

    Deferred payment sale.

  • Bayt al-mal

    Government treasury.

  • Bulugh

    Physical puberty.