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What Islamic Finance qualifications does CIMA offer?

CIMA offer a variety of qualifications to meet the requirements of most students.
The key qualifications are:

  • The CIMA Certificates in Islamic Finance:
  • Certificate in Islamic commercial law
  • Certificate in banking and takaful
  • Certificate in Islamic capital markets and Instruments
  • Certificate in accounting for Islamic financial Institutions
  • The CIMA Diploma in Islamic Finance (CDIF):

The CDIF comprises four modules which can be studied separately as the individual certificates above and which, if completed successfully, will result in the award of a “certificate” in that module e.g. Certificate in Islamic Commercial Law.

All of the above qualifications are offered on an online learning resource, which you can purchase via the CGMA store.

Which qualification is right for me?

The modular approach allows you to choose which level of qualification is best suited to your needs.

  • If you need specialist knowledge in just one area of Islamic Finance, then we suggest you enrol onto one of the four individual certificate modules. Once you complete this module you can continue your learning and complete other certificates through to the Diploma.
  • If you require a more thorough understanding of Islamic Finance and to feel comfortable dealing with Islamic products and institutions then we suggest you complete the Diploma in Islamic Finance.

How do I book my exams?

You do not need to book your exam. When you have completed your learning online, the exam is available at the end of the learning resource. So you can take it as soon as you are ready at anytime.

I am having trouble with entering my details when enrolling.

We are sorry if you are having trouble with entering/accessing your details online. Please reach out to Global Engagement Centre.

How long will I have access to the online learning resource?

You will have access for 1 year. If you do not complete within this time, you will need to purchase the course again.

How many exam attempts do I get?

All courses offer unlimited exam attempts for 1 year.