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Study modules and learning outcomes

Study modules

The Diploma is made up of the four individual certificates.

On completion, you will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Islamic finance. 

Learning outcomes

The Diploma gives you a thorough knowledge of the theory that underpins Islamic finance.

You will develop practical skills to progress in Islamic finance and understand the regulations which govern it.

When you complete the Diploma you will have:

  • extensive knowledge on the commercial law underpinning Islamic finance
  • understanding of the requirements for Shari’ah compliance and the regulations that govern Islamic finance
  • knowledge of the Arabic terminology which is unique to this sector of finance.

Each of the four certificates of the Diploma will be accessible online and on demand and include the following:

  • comprehensive syllabi leading to a higher professional qualification in Islamic finance
  • step by step subject coverage directly linked to specific learning outcomes
  • fusion between theory and practice
  • glossary of Islamic finance terms
  • self-learning and self-assessment approaches
  • extensive question practice
  • chapter summaries
  • revision sections for each chapter
  • easy to follow format
  • final examination at the end of the learning for each certificate.