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Content of certificates

There are four certificates to choose from:

Certificate in Islamic commercial law

  • introduction to Islamic commercial law as it relates to Islamic finance
  • the sources of the Islamic commercial law including the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad
  • the methodologies used to solve modern problems in Islamic finance
  • shari’ah compliance and the importance of the shari’ah standards.

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Certificate in Islamic banking and takaful – products and services

  • the developments which have taken place with regard to Islamic financial institutions and systems
  • the main source of funds available to banks and how these sources are rewarded
  • the various products developed by Islamic banks for their customers
  • the products and services offered under takaful and issues relating to underwriting, deficits, surpluses and retakaful.

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Certificate in Islamic capital markets and instruments

  • the differences between conventional and Islamic capital markets
  • the primary and secondary capital markets
  • regulation within the Islamic capital market
  • screening processes used in accepting/ rejecting shari’ah compliant products.

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Certificate in accounting for Islamic financial institutions

  • the reporting framework and standards of Islamic financial institutions
  • the analysis and classification of Islamic funding and financing transactions
  • how transactions adopting different contracts of financing are reported in the Islamic financial statements
  • financial accountability and shari’ah compliance of Islamic financial institutions.

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