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Suite of qualifications

Our qualifications

The different qualifications cater for all levels of knowledge and experience and will appeal to a wide range of professionals – from those with little or no knowledge to people with an advanced understanding of Islamic finance.

Find the right course for you below.

The structure

There are five qualifications available:

Study method

The qualifications in Islamic finance are all self-study, distance learning qualifications which allow you to progress at your own pace.

Who should enrol?   

Professionals from finance, accountancy and law, to those in manufacturing, fossil fuel extraction and almost any other industry or sectors seeking to trade or who seek finance for future investment in a Shari’ah compliant manner need to improve their skills and credentials.

This improved knowledge and understanding will allow you to take an active part in this dynamic sector and confidently apply the principles which underpin the industry.

Who will benefit?

A wide variety of professionals can benefit from these qualifications, including: 

  • all staff working in the financial services sector who would like to be a part of this fast growing industry
  • those currently working in Islamic finance who want to hone their skills and broaden their knowledge
  • anyone wishing to enter the financial services sector and specialise in this dynamic subject area
  • legal and accounting professionals who advise on Islamic issues
  • companies seeking to trade or raise finance in a Shari’ah compliant manner
  • anyone with a general interest in Islamic finance.

Which qualification is right for you?

CIMA Certificates in Islamic finance – newcomers to Islamic finance and/or those looking to further their knowledge and understanding in specific areas of Islamic finance.

CIMA Diploma in Islamic finance – those with a good knowledge of one or more of the key areas of Islamic finance but who require or benefit from a broader knowledge. This qualification will increase your confidence when dealing with Islamic financial institutions or when coming to grips with the products and services offered by this sector.