Maintaining Professionalism

Our professional standards department ensures that members and students achieve and maintain the highest possible standards within business.


Our work includes:

  • formulating and developing CIMA's policies of professional standards
  • providing guidelines for members and students on ethical issues
  • investigating complaints against individuals falsely claiming to be members or students of CIMA
  • monitoring CPD for members
  • uphold the UK anti money laundering regulations within CIMA's role as a designatory supervisory authority
  • assessing and registering new practising accountants.

We work closely with other key accountancy bodies to maintain public confidence in management accountants and promote best practice. These include:  

Conduct and complaints 
All complaints about members and registered students are dealt with by either the disciplinary committee or the investigation committee. They are handled by our professional conduct team. Find out more about >making complaints, alternative dispute resolution and our disciplinary process.

Contact details 
Professional Standards
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