Ethics CPD tool: doing the right thing

Would you know what to do when a situation arises that conflicts with the CIMA code of ethics? What decision process would you go through and what choices would you make?

This interactive tool guides you through a series of scenarios and you have to decide what steps you would take, considering your ethical commitment as a professional qualified management accountant according to the CIMA code of ethics. There is not always a clear way forward, but some steps are better than others. Others may be leading you in the wrong direction.

This tool can be used as part of your CPD, or if you are a student it will help you in your ethical education. It allows you to reflect on your sense of right and wrong in relation to the CIMA code of ethics and also the corporate culture in which you are working. You have a chance to explore what the outcomes of your actions may be, and what it means to be ‘doing the right thing’.

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