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UK Accountancy Sector Fraud Charter – October 2021

The UK Government’s Economic Crime Plan 2019-2022 contains a commitment to combat fraud through public-private partnership initiatives.

As the Rt Hon Sajid Javid, Home Secretary and the Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer commented in the foreword to the Economic Crime plan, “the ever-evolving and clandestine nature of economic crime means it can only be combatted by harnessing the capabilities, resources, and experience of both the public and private sectors. For the first time, this plan sets out how both sectors will work together to tackle economic crime”.

As part of this plan, a number of sector Fraud Charters have now been published including a Charter for the Accountancy Sector. This Charter contains commitments for action by government and from our sector, including the Professional Bodies. CIMA participated in the development of the Charter and is now a signatory.

View the Accountancy Sector Fraud Charter

The professional bodies will be working together to produce a Fraud Toolkit to assist UK SME businesses and their professional advisers identify and address major fraud risks.

View the Home Office Press Release