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Fraud and financial crime

Management accountants play a key role in protecting organisations from fraud and other financial crimes.

Financial crimes include fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and bribery. Any organisation can be affected by financial crimes, with the level of risk affected by size, industry, location, supply chain complexity and a range of other factors.

Management accountants are key to protecting organisations. Your financial literacy, understanding of risk, inquiring mindset and commitment to ethics are all valuable in the fight against financial crime. 

UK Accountancy Sector Fraud Charter – October 2021

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Fraud resources

National Crime Agency (UK) fraud resources

The UK's National Crime Agency publishes up to date information on fraud. 

Visit the website

Action Fraud (UK)

Action Fraud is the UK's fraud and cyber crime reporting centre. You can report fraud, as well as get advice from fraud and cyber crime experts. 

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USA Government fraud advice

Read advice from the Government of the USA on scams and frauds. Find out about common schemes and how you can protect yourself. 

Visit the website

Spot the red flags game

Test out your fraud awareness with a quick game. How many red flags can you spot on a purchase order in 1 minute?

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Business fraud and how to prevent it

Read the City of London Police guidance on business fraud, which specifically mentions the risk to SMEs and ways in which businesses can protect against fraud. 

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