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What is misconduct?

Misconduct is a breach of CIMA’s laws – these are the rules governing the professional behaviour of CIMA members.

The Laws of the Institute are the charter, byelaws, the regulations, and other documents particularly CIMA's code of ethics. This code is designed to promote the highest standards of conduct and integrity of its members and registered students by setting out the fundamental principles of professionalism and good practice. The fundamental principles of CIMA's code of ethics are integrity; objectivity; professional competence and due care; confidentiality and professional behaviour.

They apply to all CIMA members and registered students whether they are in industry, commerce, the public sector, public practice or education. Any member or registered student of CIMA who has breached CIMA's code of ethics may be found guilty of misconduct.

 See the references to misconduct (byelaws 1 and 11) in the full charter and byelaws of the institute.

 See the requirements for CIMA members providing services to members of the public on the members in practice web pages.